CBD and Workouts? Can it help?

Studies suggest CBD fights inflammation throughout the body, so why not the inflammation that running, weightlifting, high-intensity interval training, or other types of exercise causes?

Fitness professionals including NFL player Rob Gronkowski, UFC fighter Nate Diaz and Rugby player James Haskell are just some of the many professional athletes that have found CBD oil helps ease soreness, speed recovery, and heal injuries.

For high-intensity workouts, it can:

- Aid in protecting the breakdown of muscle

- Manage pain

- Reduce inflammation

- Help fall asleep after a workout

During a workout, the tension still exists, however it helps push through those mental barriers allowing the mind to quieten resulting in a more resilient workout.

It can make your sweat session more enjoyable with improving:

- Pain tolerance

- Focus

- Motivation to get into the gym

- Enhanced performance

Given the many benefits of CBD for athletes, from pain management and reducing inflammation, to improved sleep and better digestive health, it is no surprise that so many athletes are big fans of the compound.