What is CO2 extraction?

Supercritical carbon dioxide is a widely used extraction method in the hemp industry. It effectively purifies crude hemp plant material. In a supercritical state, CO2 allows the producer to remain in control of the extraction process and to isolate the specific cannabinoids we use in our products.

While the most famous cannabinoid compound is THC, researchers have identified more than 100 individual compounds in cannabis. Many of these have valuable therapeutic effects. This allows manufacturers to create full spectrum CBD oil that does not contain mind-altering THC. Using this kind of cannabis product does not result in feeling high but still offers the same therapeutic benefits as cannabis.

The cannabinoids produced are potent and free of chlorophyll with minimal risk of contaminants. It requires qualified personnel and there are higher costs associated with the equipment needed for supercritical CO2 extraction, it is by far the most efficient and quickest method to extract CBD. It is also environmentally friendly due to the limited amount of emissions, and safer than extractions that use certain solvents as CO2 is “generally regarded as safe” by the FDA.